How to Attract Talent in a Hybrid World

with Steve Mclntosh & Carmen Hudson

July 13 | 3:00pm EDT

Carmen Hudson

Senior Director

Steve McIntosh

Founder & CEO

Nearly half of the global workforce will consider quitting this year. Are you ready?



say they’re likely to move and work remotely*

Faced with these grim statistics, how can your organization possibly win on retention and attract new talent?

It’s all about culture — specifically, your company culture and making sure your organization is a place people want to work for.

The concept of a culture-driven workplace has been around since Google started offering in-office perks like ping-pong tables and massage chairs.

But the idea of what makes a good workplace culture has significantly changed since then. The pandemic highlighted the needs of employees outside the workplace. Hybrid and remote schedules replaced 9 to 5 office face time.

This new way of working requires HR to be proactive in understanding how to support employees as “whole people” — attuned to employee needs both in and out of the office.

Join Carmen Hudson, senior director of talent acquisition at ExtraHop, and CareerPoint founder and CEO Steve McIntosh for this lively, interactive webinar as they share the winning elements for a hybrid workforce talent strategy.

Join us on July 13, 3:00pm EDT

About Steve

Originally from the west coast of Scotland, Steve McIntosh is a recovering accountant (ICAEW), HR professional (GPHR) and MBA (University of Oxford). After starting his career with global accounting firm KPMG in 1998, Steve founded offshore financial services recruitment firm CML in 2004 which he led as CEO for 16 years.

In 2020, he founded CareerPoint.com, the virtual coaching platform that helps companies and their people get ahead of the curve. With customers and coaches in more than 30 countries around the world, CareerPoint is well on its way to achieving its two-fold mission to help a million young people advance in their careers and level the playing field for under-represented groups.

Steve is a “zealous convert” to the value of HR as a driver of business value and the author of “The Employee Value Curve: the unifying theory of HR and career advancement helping companies and their people succeed together. “

About Carmen

Talent Acquisition is Carmen Hudson’s jam! She’s led corporate recruiting teams, built recruiting software, co-founded a tech recruiting conference, trained recruiters and hiring managers and consulted for hiring teams globally.

In her current role as talent advisor at ExtraHop, she is privileged to work with companies around the world, helping them develop strategies and tactics to attract, find and select high-performing talent. She has trained thousands of HR professionals, developed training curricula and helped TA leaders build and execute strategic plans.

She co-founded a national conference for tech recruiters, Talent42, which was acquired by ERE Media. She recently founded RecruiterHunt.com, a curation site for recruiters. Her corporate experience also includes Yahoo!, as Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, where she led the strategic sourcing team, revitalizing the employee referral program and Yahoo’s employer brand.

Key takeaways include:

  • Learn how to build a workplace culture that attracts and retains Talent
  • Discover the benefits of upskilling and reskilling, and strategies for hard-to-fill roles
  • Employees aren’t resigning — they are redesigning their lives. Help them do it, and keep them!