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Tech talent is on the move — an overwhelming number of employees in technology are considering quitting their jobs in the next 12 months.

Offer your talent the career progression they’re seeking with world-class career coaching. CareerPoint’s coaching packages include customized insights about your employees to help you build a stronger, healthier organization, and keep your best employees where you need them.

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Companies investing in their talent and seeing results

Prioritize Learning & Development with CareerPoint

9 in 10 employees in your industry are hungry for development opportunities.

Career coaching changes your employees’ lives for the better – helping them develop better mindsets, discover new skills, and generate the attitudes they need to unlock high performance in the workplace and at home.

Our one-on-one coaching for young professionals is equitable and inclusive, creating the superstars of tomorrow for your company and ensuring you retain your best employees.

Our coaching is:

  • Confidential: Coaching sessions are entirely confidential so your young professionals can feel confident opening up and building growth mindsets faster.
  • Designed to drive performance and instill resiliency: Sessions help employees identify personal motivators to kickstart their growth and reveal the path your young talent needs to succeed.
  • Data-driven: Our coaching is based on the Employee Value Curve model and eight Value Drivers, a system designed by HR experts and delivered by industry experts.

Tech has the highest talent turnover rate of any industry, and it’s only getting bigger. It’s time to invest in your culture.

What Coaching Mean For Your Employees

Our industry agnostic coaching helps employees:

  • Adapt to changes with ease
  • Feel empowered to develop innovation in their workplace
  • Feel supported and seen by leaders even when working from home
  • Have more productive conversations with leadership and coworkers
  • Increase self-management and confidence to carry out their role
  • Get personal mentoring when it’s convenient for them

Christy Talor

The coaching methodology is something I wish I’d understood when I was in management because I could’ve used it to coach my past employees around advancing in their own careers

Elana Paru

I used to say that my dream job was to serve as a guidance counselor for early professionals and thanks to my private coaching and consulting work combined with my CareerPoint coaching, my dream is becoming my reality.

Rachel Levy

As a coach, I have been inspired by the coachees who switch from thinking about leaving their jobs and realize how much they can offer their current company. They finish with a renewed energy and interest in showing their strengths to their colleagues and their managers.

Why Our Coaching Drives Results

CareerPoint’s coaching is laser-focused on career development with both the employee and company in mind. We recognize that advancement isn’t always about a promotion.

Our Employee Value Curve model was developed to help employees recognize the value they create in the workplace and how that translates into career success.

Coaching can provide 7X the ROI of initial investment

Top Tier Coaches

Our coaches are handpicked from hundreds of applicants and are supported by a platform with world-class content. CareerPoint coaches hold advanced degrees and have at least ten years of experience in leadership, business, or coaching.

Coaches from



Leaders in

Travel & Leisure

Maximize your employee engagement and retention with the coaching insight report that examines your employee’s thoughts, skills, and experiences.

Fueled by our passion to provide best-in-class coaching, Career Point has partnered with the University of Oxford to conduct academic research based on the CareerPoint coaching methodology.

What Your Company Receives

Your employees will be transformed into top talent through individualized coaching. Imagine the time your leadership will save when they have fewer performance reviews to conduct and know their team members are thinking like owners.

Added Value to Your Company

  • Higher talent retention rates
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved communication, collaboration and reduce pandemic burnout
  • Make your company a destination employees want to work at
  • Employee innovation that leads to new ideas and improved processes
  • Address gender and diversity gap for future leadership roles

Insight Report

  • Detailed examination 10 key questions from the self-assessment
  • Show you what’s working at the company for your employees
  • Identify areas to improve employee engagement and retention efforts
  • Breakdown of value driver areas your team choose to focus on

Your company will get a personalized report with the anonymous feedback, experiences, and skills areas of your team members.

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65% of employees are looking for new job opportunities where they feel supported and 93% of young professionals want career coaching

How coaching works

After completing a self-assessment, coachees gain a better understanding of why they might not be moving forward in their careers. During the program, the coachee explores their strengths, looks for opportunities to grow, and implements achievable action plans.

What happens in sessions?

The CareerPoint coaching program includes four, one-hour sessions over the course of 30 days. In each session the coachees will:

4 Sessions


Explore their goals

Examine what is holding them back

Target areas to improve

Develop action plans

Implement plans and receive feedback

Have an open forum to ask questions

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