Retain and Attract Talent with Career Coaching

Motivate and cultivate talent by offering a perk that gets them to stick around for more than a paycheck. Fill out the form to learn more about CareerPoint’s Pilot Program and beta test our coaching with 10 team members.

Companies investing in their talent

Prioritize Talent Retention

The current employee market makes retaining and finding skilled workers a massive challenge. Talent are tired of the classic transactional relationship. They want you to recognize their value and invest in them.

Create a company culture that:

  • Rewards learning
  • Fosters innovation
  • Instills company loyalty
  • Nurtures agility
  • Addresses burnout

Over 60% of IT Professionals leave their job for companies that offer career development opportunities

With our international coaching team, your employees can access coaching when it’s convenient for them

Coaching Pays for Itself

Skills gaps can cost companies $22,000 annually per employee and replacing an employee can cost up to 2X their salary. CareerPoint’s coaching model is designed to be affordable on both a small and large scale. For less than the cost of a sick day, your company can increase employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

Coaching can provide 7X the ROI of initial investment

Save time and money by replacing generic mass scale training with powerful, intentional, and individualized coaching sessions. Support team members earmarked for advancement and incentivize employee milestones with career coaching sessions.

Added Value for Your Company

  • Higher talent retention rates
  • Increased productivity and agility
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Make your company a destination employees want to work at
  • Employee innovation that leads to new ideas and improved processes
  • Address gender and diversity gap for future leadership roles`

Why Our Coaching Drives Results

Our Employee Value Curve model helps employees recognize that advancement isn’t always about a promotion. We show your team how the value they create in the workplace translates into career success.

Fueled by our passion to provide best-in-class coaching, Career Point has partnered with the University of Oxford to conduct academic research based on the CareerPoint coaching methodology.

Pilot Program

We recognize that investing in a learning and development program can be risky. That is why we’ve created the CareerPoint Pilot Program where you can beta test our coaching platform with 10 employees for a minimal investment.

Your company will also receive the Employee Insight Report with the anonymous feedback, experiences, and skills areas of your team members.

  • Detailed examination 10 key questions from the self-assessment
  • Show you what’s working at the company for your employees
  • Identify areas to improve employee engagement and retention efforts
  • Breakdown of value driver areas your team choose to focus on


Sample Report

Prepared for The Elemental Company
October 2021

Coaching Programs

Program Options

4 Sessions


10 Sessions

Sessions completed over Zoom once a week, during a lunch break.

Coaching Process

Step 1

Self Assessment

Complete a 75 item questionnaire to identify areas of strength and opportunity for coachee.

Step 3


Our team personally matches your talent with a certified CareerPoint coach.

Step 2

Peer Assessment (optional)

Employees seek annonymous feedback from five trusted peers.

Step 4


Employees access their coaches calendar and select a convenient time.



“My coach provided a space to openly air my concerns without worry of being judged, genuinely listened to me, provided a safe space, and imported actional advice”

“It was amazing and exactly what I needed for this phase of my life. “Sonya is exactly the kind of coach that will support you, challenge you, listen to you and empathise with you to get you where you want to be.

CareerPoint’s Coaching Program is ICF and CPD Accredited