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How to Attract Talent (and Retain Them!) in a Hybrid World

The pandemic has disrupted where work occurs and what employees want out of their jobs. To attract talent and keep people from leaving in a hybrid world, talent acquisition and HR teams must rethink their workplace culture. This challenge is compounded by the huge percentage of workers looking to change locations. Last year, Microsoft found…

11 min read

Are You Ready for Gen Z in the Workplace?

Generation Z has officially entered the workforce, and that means one question for managers: Are you ready for Gen Z in the workplace?  In recent years, Gen Z has proven to be ambitious change-makers who are conscious about how they present themselves to the world, as well as about the climate and social issues. While…

11 min read

Challenges of Leading a Remote Team

The pandemic’s shift to remote work has had lasting effects, with some companies opting to stay fully remote and many others creating hybrid working models that offer the flexibility employees want. These developments require leaders to become more creative with the challenges of leading a remote team. Remote work is still new territory for many…

10 min read

How to Calculate Your L&D Budget Per Employee

As businesses evolve, employers want to ensure that their employees obtain the necessary skills to continue meeting company goals. To ensure success, companies need to know what their L&D budget per employee is.  According to the 2021 Training Industry Report, the average training budget for larger companies was $17.5 million, with midsize companies averaging $1.3…

11 min read

How to Navigate Office Politics

In every company, office politics is embedded in the workplace culture. And whether you are new to the corporate world or even a few years in, learning how to navigate office politics can seem intimidating. Office politics is a necessary aspect of the corporate world, and many professionals have used that to help position themselves…

13 min read

5 Trends in Corporate Learning and Development

A staggering 86% of employees say that training is important to them—especially with the shift in how we work, according to a recent survey conducted by SurveyMonkey Employers have seen the effects of the new economy and realized that their old corporate learning and development programs are no longer working. And with the help of…

9 min read

How to Position Yourself for a Promotion

You’ve been at your job for a while, and you just feel ready to take the next step. Or perhaps you’re wondering why other people with similar education and experiences seem to be getting ahead faster than you?  It’s easy to blame “office politics” or just plain bad luck – and sometimes those things are…

8 min read

Driving Workplace Performance in 2022

If you’re a new CEO, you may be tired of hearing that you’re taking the helm in unprecedented times. However, it is impossible to deny the truth behind the sentiment. CEOs in 2022 are navigating new ways of working in the form of hybrid and remote models and often leading teams who feel physically and emotionally exhausted. Here, we examine the core trends affecting workplace performance in 2021 and suggest ways you can get the most out of your staff and your business moving into 2022….

5 min read

Diversity is the Secret to Creating an Agile Organization

Like organisms in natural environments, greater diversity in the workplace allows organizations to respond to change quicker, innovate more effectively, and meet objectives more efficiently. In this article, we dig deeper into agility and diversity to understand how the two are related, and why diversity is so important to create an agile business….

4 min read

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