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Attract The Best Candidates By Helping Them Get Ahead

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What are the benefits for recruiters?

  • Unique selling point – something other competing agencies can’t/don’t offer
  • Increased candidate supply
  • Better candidates and more placements
  • Candidate loyalty – fewer drop-outs of the recruitment process
  • Upfront benefit/reward for candidates working with the firm
  • Talent retention – candidates more likely to remain with their new employer
  • Better performing candidates providing higher client satisfaction
  • Coaching helps employees adopt the right mindset and improves performance in their new role

How does it work?

You offer free CareerPoint coaching to any advertised role.

For example, “This role qualifies the successful candidate for free career development coaching from”.

You send your candidate a code for free coaching after they start in the new role.

To win a talent led marketplace, recruiters need more than a great job ad to attract the best candidates.

It’s a golden age for workers. Recruiters need to adapt to the new world we are living in by understanding how to win in the war for talent.

The type of benefits that differentiate you from your competitors are no longer just signing on bonuses. Candidates want tools and knowledge that will set them up for success before they even walk through their new employer’s door.

This is where we can help.

CareerPoint Career Development Coaching

Partner with CareerPoint and we’ll help you create extra value for your candidates with access to our proven result based approach to career advancement coaching. Our coaching is research backed and proven to set candidates up for success by improving performance within four sessions.

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What specifically does the coaching look like?

Four session program with option to continue at employee’s cost. Watch the video to find out how CareerPoint coaching works.


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