Coaching Program

Unlocking employee potential with customized coaching

CareerPoint’s Coaching Methodology

Our coaching is based on The Employee Value Curve, a proprietary coaching framework designed by HR professionals. Employees learn about eight Value Drivers that not only lead to more confidence, self-management, and meaningful and productive work but helps advance their careers.

Value Drivers


Think like a leader, no matter your level

Business Environment

Make the most of your unique business environment


Create winning relationships with co-workers and customers

Impact on Morale

Create value
by lifting others up


Navigate office politics and position yourself for advancement


Identify and develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to advance


Contribute ideas that drive sales, save costs, and increase customer satisfaction

Work Ethic

Create value the old-fashioned way while achieving work/ life balance

Fueled by our passion to provide best-in-class coaching, Career Point has partnered with the University of Oxford to conduct academic research based on the CareerPoint coaching methodology.

Who are CareerPoint’s Coaches?

Our coaches are handpicked from hundreds of applicants and are supported by a platform with world-class content. CareerPoint coaches hold advanced degrees and have at least ten years of experience in leadership, business, or coaching.

How coaching works

After completing a self-assessment, coachees gain a better understanding of why they might not be moving forward in their careers. During the program, the coachee explores their strengths, looks for opportunities to grow, and implements achievable action plans.

What happens in sessions?

The CareerPoint coaching program includes four, one-hour sessions over the course of 30 days. In each session the coachees will:

4 Sessions


Explore their goals

Examine what is holding them back

Target areas to improve

Develop action plans

Implement plans and receive feedback

Have an open forum to ask questions

Building confidence
and driving value

Jennifer B

Talking about goals and my career is always important. It’s so nice to talk about strengths and areas to hone in on. I was left with a lot of things to think about. It was a very positive experience for sure.

Julianne Mucci

Coach Nancy was extremely flexible with my changing schedule and always made sure to take the full hour to discuss my career goals and was an amazing coach.

Naomi Fabes

Coaching provided a safe space to really think through my professional life, obstacles, goals, and practical steps I can take to move in the direction I want.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Many companies already have professional development workshops during the year or throughout an employee’s career journey. While these programs provide value and lay the foundation for your company’s work culture, they are generalized. CareerPoint’s coaching offers customized training and mentorship, which leads to faster results.

  • Time investment for leadership is under one hour. Our coaching team takes care of everything for you. Career Point’s coaches deliver top-tier mentorship so leaders can focus on their own tasks

  • CareerPoint is for millennial professionals who are already working in an entry or mid-level position. CareerPoint is not for recent graduates seeking jobs or interns.

  • Our coaches and coaching methodology are industry agnostic, working with ambitious employees in virtually any sector. However, during our “soft launch” phase, we are somewhat selective. Schedule an appointment [link to client sign-up form] to see if your company qualifies for the soft launch.

  • CareerPoint is partnering with nonprofit and advocacy groups to provide free career coaching scholarships. The unemployment rate of underprivileged groups is twice that of other groups, and 57% want employers to be more proactive with diversity efforts which are more complex than a business adding words to an initiative on its website. Implementation is vital and often sorely lacking. We believe everyone should feel empowered, have access to mentorship, and have access to the same opportunities as their coworkers to succeed in their careers.

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