Stephanie Jones

United Kingdom đŸ‡¬đŸ‡§

Specialist career advancement coach, bringing clarity and focus to empower individuals to be proactive in achieving career progression.

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Social/Public Sector
Human Resources

About Me

Stephanie has a professional background in the legal and recruitment industries, providing her with valuable insight as to why employees seek to find new roles, as well as the skills to ask challenging questions that allow coachees to reflect and become more self aware. Her expertise and motivation is ultimately to create the opportunity for coachees to feel empowered and be strategic in their actions in order to be more effective in achieving their goals.

In helping find greater clarity by applying the Employee Value Curve methodology, coachees will be able to take advantage of the opportunities available in their organisation for career progression by better understanding their business environment and the value they add in their role.

Stephanie is involved CareerPoint’s mission to support professional employees and has carried out volunteer work in Central and South America. In addition to coaching, she also specialises in exam technique and interview preparation.


Reviews (7)

  • 5

    Jun 05, 2023
    My experience with Stephanie has been great. She is very understanding and always asks questions to get you thinking about the situation and how to move forward with it.
  • 5

    Dec 20, 2022
    Stephanie has been really helpful in identifying areas of development and growth for me to focus on.
  • 5

    Feb 01, 2022
    Stephanie was wodnerful from start to finish. She grasped what was important to me and also challenged me in a really supprtive helpful way
  • 5

    Jan 20, 2022
    Stephanie truly helped me reframe my business model by giving me simple tools. Stephanie is knowledgeable and responsive.
  • 5

    Jan 11, 2022
    The coaching sessions with Stephanie were very useful to understand where I would like to take my career further. Stephanie was very dedicated and professional. While using her own experience she had the ability to understand different career paths, applicable to various type of industries. She was thorough in guiding and structuring each session to make sure that I got most out of CareerPoint. This opportunity has allowed me to think through my career goals and I could not be happier to have done this with Stephanie.
  • 5

    Jan 10, 2022
    I went into my first session excited about working with stephanie and left feeling energized and inspired. For each session i had a clear understanding of what the goals were so i knew what to expect but each session went beyond that - i was able to open up and talk through career challenges and end each session with encouragement.
  • 5

    Jan 09, 2022
    Stephanie was very professional throughout our sessions and used her own background and experience to help focus and establish targets during our discussions. Stephanie was friendly, encouraging and patient throughout!

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