Shelina Prabatani

United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Public Sector

About Me

Shelina has been coaching for over 20 years, in a variety of sectors, public and private, locally and globally, and with people at all levels.

She provides the opportunity to develop skills, grow confidence, manage change and achieve your potential. Shelina is good at encouraging out-of-the-box thinking providing you with the courage to explore alternative options. Some of her experience includes leadership, building and/or changing relationships, and understanding your business environment. She provides tools and perspectives on how you can contribute to the organisation’s vision, positioning yourself, identifying your real fears and challenges, and overcoming them.

An Asian woman with a hidden disability, an experienced Diversity and Inclusion adviser, a well-being champion, and a team leader, Shelina understands a range of complexities faced in the workplace.

Shelina is motivated by the desire to empower you to achieve growth and achieve real results.


Reviews (5)

  • 5

    Mar 14, 2024
    Really enjoyable - Shelina is clearly an expert in her field & I have learned a hugh about since beginning this program.
  • 4.5

    Nov 06, 2023
    Excellent! Shelina really understands what I struggle with/want to achieve with the coaching sessions. I find it intriguing to see that by asking a lot of questions, she forces me to think about a situation differently and come up with new ideas or different ways of approaching.
  • 5

    Jan 06, 2022
    Shelina is fantastic! I've finished up my session with new perspectives and insights. Also I've been given tasks to do in my spare time that will help me to continue to flourish in area I deemed ' problem areas' for me. Shelina helped me to think outside of the box and helped me find ways to approach things in ways that were comfortable for me. All sessions have been extremely valuable!
  • 5

    Dec 30, 2021
    It was really excellent working with Shelina. She is a true professional who really knows her stuff, and this came across clearly in our sessions. Shelina is knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging in her approach, and I definitely benefitted positively from the sessions I had with her.
  • 5

    Nov 11, 2021
    We covered a lot and I have already made so many changes in how I'm working and thinking about work, with more to take away and do. Shelina is a very calm presence and was really hepful in reflecting back what I was saying and asking questions to dig down into topics or prompt me to express myself more clearly

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