Tiffany McLean

United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Public Sector

About Me

After 25 years working in the private and public sector as an Operations and Project Manager and as a Business, Personal and Professional Coach working with entrepreneurs to Executive Leadership team members. Tiffany has gained broad experience in business management, leadership, innovation, and team dynamics, and she considers herself an expert in positioning.

She has worked with people from all over the globe and can help you to think about how you show up in your organization and build impactful, meaningful relationships.

Having experienced and seen the challenges her clients often face; Tiffany is keen to help identify what may be holding you back from securing your dream job and to help you to overcome any obstacles that may get in the way.

If you’re tired of feeling stagnate in your career or wanting to know how you can add value to your organization; Tiffany will share with you the key areas of growth you need to focus on to successfully move the needle in your life.


Reviews (5)

  • 5

    Apr 11, 2024
    The sessions has been really great. Tiffany's guidance has been instrumental in my journey to explore new perspectives. She has consistently encouraged me to think beyond the conventional approaches. Her ability to introduce fresh ideas and solutions has been invaluable. Thanks to Tiffany, I’ve discovered hidden opportunities that I might have overlooked otherwise. Her ways of identifying potential areas for growth has been eye-opening. Thank you Tiffany for being an outstanding coach!
  • 5

    Mar 19, 2024
    Fantastic. A true enabler of the human spirit, unobstructed by any non-constructive frame of mind. Tiffany is about ME, and my career, my personal development - completely agnostic of any specific company or external driver. If there were a thousand coaches, I'd pick Tiffany every time.
  • 5

    Jul 31, 2022
    Tiffany was a great coach. Each session was specific and targeted to working on improving one previously identified area of growth. She always came prepared and I liked that I walked away from each session with tangible tools.
  • 5

    Jan 12, 2022
    I've worked with a few coaches and Tiffany is by far the best coach I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I really enjoyed sharing my goals with her and she's helped me so much in thinking about how I map out my next steps. She's a great listener, really patient, has gently challengened my limiting beliefs and has helped me to see I really have what it takes to achieve my career goals. I'd 100% recommend her as a coach.
  • 5

    Oct 09, 2021
    Tiffany is very easy to talk to, I felt comfortable since the first moment. She has guided me on how to start to build my pillars/foundation to advance professionally & personally. 4 sessions have changed my mindset in the way I see my current job and the opportunities that lay ahead if I set up my intentions It's been a pleasure

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