Joanna Miller

South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

Joanna is passionate about helping others. Her background is Organizational Psychology, Change Management Consulting, and Human Resources.

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Financial Services
Human Resources

About Me

Joanna is looking forward to meeting you and working together to help you identify your vision for your career, and to help you make your vision a reality. Her background is Change Management Consulting (Deloitte in NYC) and Human Resources (American Express – NYC, London, Singapore), enabling Joanna to bring a wealth of knowledge about how organizations work, what strong leadership looks like (at all levels), how you can own and grow your career, and what you can do to improve your work experience every day. She has first-hand experience building her own (international) career and leading teams in the corporate environment across multiple industries, with a focus on Financial Services and Healthcare. She will guide you in successfully owning and growing your career and thriving with your unique skill set, passions, and aptitudes. Joanna is uniquely positioned to show you what leaders and Human Resources functions are really looking for, and how you can stand out to get what you want.


Reviews (10)

  • 5

    Apr 17, 2024
    She is able to probe and let me think again on my options. She is patience and she is a great listener.
  • 5

    Apr 08, 2024
    My career coach drew upon her experience and knowledge to assist me in achieving my professional goals in places where I had challenges. she created a supportive environment by utilizing strong interpersonal skills, actively listening, and empathizing and career advice by helping me assess myself and find solutions by myself by thinking different and out of box.Through active listening and empathy My coach built the mind set in trusting relationships with clients.she helped me identify My strengths, interests, and values, enabling informed decisions about future careers and stronger relationship and network building.She assessed my current skill sets and helped develop actionable plans for enhanced communication and better workplace connection improvements or advancements that I had a blind spot on.She was great in helping me through self-discovery, helping clarify career aspirations and optimal paths to achieve them.she tailored support to identify each challenge and weaknesses.
  • 5

    Mar 21, 2024
    she has patience to guide me step by step. she can lead me to think deeply by questions. she can help to summarize my concerns, my points through conversation.
  • 5

    Feb 16, 2024
    Joanna was very knowledgeable and a great listener. She was able to effectively understand my concerns and prompt my thinking into manageable solutions and action points.
  • 4.5

    Dec 06, 2023
    The insight gained have been invaluable. Joanna is a super star, great Listener, advisor I will miss our sessions always look forward to our session I felt comfortable and was able to express myself without been judge, Great mentor!!!
  • 5

    Nov 05, 2023
    Joanna has been very professional, allowing me to listen to myself speak and realize my true potential. She is always willing to share materials to read that will further assist me moving forward. She made it so easy to become vulnerable and look further into myself and the decisions I made and will make.
  • 5

    Aug 10, 2023
    My Coach was well-informed, knowledgeable, empathetic and personable. We formed a very good coaching relationship immediately and she equipped me with useful resources even outside of the sessions. β€’ As a Coachee, I always felt heard and understood. She was able to accurately summarise my thoughts and ideas and provided useful next steps. This built quick trust in my Coach and I was able to be vulnerable, open, and honest. This created an enriching experience. β€’ My coach did the right amount of telling and asking and I got professional benefit from the coaching relationship. β€’ My Coach also came from an HR background and Training and Development and thus, her ability to Coach with understanding was key, I believe to what was a successful undertaking. β€’ I would love the opportunity to be coached by her again. β€’ I had no challenges with the coaching relationship.
  • 5

    Dec 13, 2022
    Amazing! She really took the time to relate to me and understand. The experience truly felt personal
  • 4.5

    Aug 28, 2022
    It was truly a pleasure working with Joanna. She really helped me with my needs and I am extremely grateful for our sessions.
  • 5

    Jun 29, 2022
    Joanna was so pleasant and helpful, a great listener and also great with providing relevant feedback to our conversations. She made me feel empowered, which is a great feeling.

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