Robert Rader

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Robert considers himself a husband and a father first! He is also a Leadership Consultant working in the Digital Marketing field.

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Human Resources

About Me

Robert is from Tucson, AZ and spent time in both the Phoenix and San Diego areas. He is a career HR Professional, specializing in Leadership and Organizational Development. As a result of COVID, he explored a new industry, and is currently working in Digital Marketing, which he is truly enjoying. Robert obtained his PhD in 2019, and has used that experience to launch a podcast focused on helping student-athletes transition into “life after sports.” He has also spend time as an Adjunct Faculty member teaching Management, Leadership, and Psychology courses.

His goal is to help professionals navigate their careers, making the journey smoother by using his experience to help others make informed decisions about their own futures.


Reviews (5)

  • 5

    May 30, 2023
    Rob's inputs have been quite insightful and our discussions really fruitful so far. His recommendations are based on researched studies or hands on experience which i appreciate a lot.
  • 4.5

    Mar 17, 2022
    The experience was very good. I find it very easy to open up to Robert and he was very understanding and shared real life examples that helped me. At the end it was visible that my confidence level was up and mind set was reposition for success.
  • 5

    Mar 03, 2022
    Robert is an exceptionally skilled and insightful individual. I don’t think I can quantify how much I have learned from him. If you are interested in a coach, look no more because you’ve just found *THE* coach.
  • 5

    Nov 17, 2021
    Robet has a wealth of experience and i a great mentor. Very easy to talk to and helpful with working through processes.
  • 4.5

    Sep 08, 2021
    Exceptional work from Robert.

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