Molly Biehl-Corbin

United States 🇺🇸

ICF Certified Coach with 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector.

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Social/Public Sector
Marketing & Customer Service

About Me

Molly has spent over 25 years working in the not-for-profit sector, with some time spent in health care marketing. She became a coach when she realized she was the person in the office that people would come to for trusted and “deep” conversations about their work and life challenges.

Molly is excited to provide that same space for you – to actively listen and reflect back what she sees you are capable of and to hold you accountable to what you say you want to change or do.

She is passionate about improving morale in the workplace and in helping you find meaning and satisfaction in your job today as you consciously design steps to further develop your career down the road. Not only will you find her an expert coach, you will be privileged to experience her warmth and energy.

Your work together can lead you to new discoveries about the value you bring to the office and the world and keep you committed to growing in a path that is right and rewarding for you.


Reviews (9)

  • 5

    Dec 06, 2023
    Molly was an excellent couch, guide me on my journey and help and learn in a very proffesiianl and warm way. always keep me.motivated from the start to end of the program and every session
  • 5

    Jul 28, 2023
    Molly was thorough and flexible. Worked with my style and challenged me in the right areas
  • 5

    Jan 18, 2023
    Molly is so down to earth and relatable - I felt I could share anything with her without fear of judgement. I looked forward to our weekly calls and learned a lot about myself during the sessions.
  • 5

    Jun 09, 2022
    Molly was so insightful and relateable. She always followed thorugh with questions that I had for her. I wish I could absorb her wisdom more rapidly. I took as many notes as my hands could write while she was talking and have already seen personal improvement based on her advise.
  • 5

    Dec 07, 2021
    I really enjoyed working with Molly and being able to learn from her. Some of the strategies we discussed and the way we looked at things I perhaps perceived as negatives from a different perspective will definitely help me moving forward. They already have helped me improve in several areas and I'm very grateful to her.
  • 5

    Dec 01, 2021
    Molly made my first ever coaching session enjoyable and she was an easy person to open up to. I am pleased with the end results of my coaching sessions and i now have the necessary skills and mindset to advance in my career along with a couple of life tools.
  • 4

    Nov 01, 2021
    Good listening and coaching
  • 5

    Oct 19, 2021
    Molly, was a great listener and helped me to articulate my thoughts and ideas into actionable tasks, which proved helpful during the coaching period, and which I'm sure will continue to prove useful in the future. She is very warm, friendly and drew from her own experiences which felt authentic and created an atmosphere where it was easy to open up and share. She spent extra time and provided additional helpful material, which showed that she cared about my development. This gave the sense that she deeply cares about her work and clients. My experience with Molly was invaluable and I learned many new things. I would gladly recommend her to anyone for career advancement coaching, and I would love to work with her again in the future.
  • 5

    Oct 07, 2021
    Molly is a great coach and the session with her was meaningful and helpful. She covers a lot and help myself better understand the improvement required for a better leader

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