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Career advancement coaching
is the missing puzzle piece
in today’s workplace

  • CareerPoint’s mission is to help one million young professionals advance in their careers and level the playing field in the workplace.
  • Companies invest in onboarding training for new hires and executive coaching for leadership. That leaves young professionals without mentorship or a roadmap for advancing in their careers.

Shawn McQueen

Co-Founder and Head of Coaching

What makes CareerPoint unique

  • A coaching methodology developed and endorsed by leading HR experts.
  • World’s first career advancement coaching program directed at young professionals.
  • Based on the Employee Value Curve theory.
  • Explores the eight Value Drivers that help employees stand out and reinforce the value they provide to their companies.
  • An International team of hand-picked, juried, coaches and experts trained and certified to provide one-on-one coaching tailored to suit the coachees’ needs.
  • CareerPoint provides free coaching scholarships for non-profit and advocacy organizations focused on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Earn 24 hours of continuing professional education
hours through CPD

What are the benefits of becoming a CareerPoint Coach?

  • No hunting for clients – CareerPoint provides coaches with a stream of coachees.
  • Small training cohorts – You’ll get individualized attention.
  • A coaching model that drives results – CareerPoint has partnered with The University of Oxford to conduct research based on CareerPoint’s Coaching model.
  • Global coaching community – Connect with industry experts around the world to share your coaching tips and experiences.
  • Flexibility – Coach in spare time when convenient for you.
  • Build your coaching skills – Apply what you’ve learned with your team and continue receiving value from your training.
  • Extra income – Coach in your spare time, when it is convenient for you.
  • Continuing education – Build your coaching skills and stay up to date on applying coaching to workplace trends.

What experience do I need to be a coach?

  • Passion for helping others
  • Leadership or management experience (10 years +)
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Professional qualification, postgraduate degree or coaching certification.
  • Coaching or mentoring experience preferred

Coach Certification Process

  • Live training (24 hours)
  • Practice coaching sessions (20 hours)
  • Peer skill review
  • Master Coach skill evaluation
  • Multiple-choice assessment
  • Short written assessment
  • One 1,500 word essay

Certification Training Outline

  • Session 1: Welcome to a New Movement in Coaching
  • Session 2: Working with Clients
  • Session 3: Coaching Fundamentals
  • Session 4: Leadership and Work Ethic
  • Session 5: Innovation and Relationships
  • Session 6: Impact on Morale and Positioning
  • Session 7: Expertise and Business Environment
  • Session 8: Planning Your Successful Coaching Practice

Maintaining Certification

  • Minimum average 3-star review from coachees
  • Coach at least 3 hrs/ week, 9 months out of the year
  • Obtain LLC for your coaching practice
  • Personal liability insurance is recommended
  • Adherence to your local business laws

Certificate Cost

CareerPoint’s coaching certification program costs $2,000 (does not include setting up an LLC, local business fees, or optional insurance).

Similar programs cost twice as much and the support often ends after the training. CareerPoint continues to support you and provides paying clients.

Access to everything you need to succeed

In addition to the supportive coach community, you also have access to:

Client Funnel

Picture clients come right to you. No marketing. No cold calls. No hassle. CareerPoint does all the legwork and matches you with coachees. Have someone in your network who wants to be coachees? You can add them to your client portal.

Mentor & Success Coach

Being guided through the coaching process and having regular check-ins with your success coach takes the stress out of certification. Program coordinators match you with practice clients, ensure you understand the coach portal, and provide tools to help you feel confident in the CareerPoint Employee Value Curve and Value Driver System.

Coach Community

Imagine being a part of a global community of thought leaders, professionals, and coaches who support each other and engage in meaningful connections. Network with industry professionals, share coaching experiences, get continuous feedback, and be part of a global movement to democratize coaching.

Professional Development

We’re never finished learning even in our professional careers. The CareerPoint team wants you to continue growing your coaching skills. As the world changes, like the shift towards hybrid work, we need to help coachees pivot and address new challenges. Optional professional development resources and training will keep you feeling confident and up to date.

Coach Toolbox

The coaching dashboard has all the tools you need at your fingertips. With the dashboard, you’ll keep track of client notes, schedule appointments, and always have access to the coachee’s reports. You’ll also be provided a dedicated coach email, scheduling software, and meeting software.

Curated Resources

Having the right piece of content to support your coachees makes coaching easier and more powerful. CareerPoint’s content creation team curates top content to match the needs of your coachees. If there isn’t a resource you want or need all you have to do is ask.

What our coaches have to say

Christy Talor

The coaching methodology is something I wish I’d understood when I was in management because I could’ve used it to coach my past employees around advancing in their own careers

Elana Paru

I used to say that my dream job was to serve as a guidance counselor for early professionals and thanks to my private coaching and consulting work combined with my CareerPoint coaching, my dream is becoming my reality.

Rachel Levy

As a coach, I have been inspired by the coachees who switch from thinking about leaving their jobs and realize how much they can offer their current company. They finish with a renewed energy and interest in showing their strengths to their colleagues and their managers.

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