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What You’ll Find in the Report

The insight report covers 10 key questions from the employee self assessment and a breakdown of the value drivers your team members choose to focus on. Improve employee engagement and retention efforts and identify the skills your team wants to improve through learning and development.

Coaching Programs

Program Options

4 Sessions


10 Sessions

Sessions completed over Zoom once a week, during a lunch break.

Coaching Process

Step 1

Self Assessment

Complete a 75 item questionnaire to identify areas of strength and opportunity for coachee.

Step 3


Our team personally matches your talent with a certified CareerPoint coach.

Step 2

Peer Assessment (optional)

Employees seek annonymous feedback from five trusted peers.

Step 4


Employees access their coaches calendar and select a convenient time.



“My coach provided a space to openly air my concerns without worry of being judged, genuinely listened to me, provided a safe space, and imported actional advice”

“It was amazing and exactly what I needed for this phase of my life. “Sonya is exactly the kind of coach that will support you, challenge you, listen to you and empathise with you to get you where you want to be.