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The Employee Value Curve: The unifying theory of Human Resources helping companies and their people succeed together

The indispensable “How To” guide for meaningful management and career advancement.

Helping organisations and talent to thrive in the new world of work

According to Gallup, 87% of Millennials say career advancement is VERY or EXTREMELY important to them. Yet fewer than 30% have a good understanding of what they need to do to achieve their career advancement goals. Yikes. That’s a lot of frustrated Millennials!

CareerPoint career advancement coaching was created to help companies transform from good to great by helping your people turn the dial on their performance and advance their careers.

Our coaching is based on a simple idea, that I wrote about in my book; when talent is given a clear framework on how to increase value in the workplace, this creates win/wins for both your people and your company.

Steve McIntosh

CareerPoint Founder, CEO and author of The Employee Value Curve

Reader Reviews

“The Employee Value Curve is indeed a crystal-clear unifying theory, providing a touch stone for every individual with their organisation, and allowing them to direct their learning and growth in a way that adds real value.”

Tom McCallum , Executive Coach

“Steve has identified an invaluable proof that demonstrates the critical value of HR to every organisation. The Employee Value Curve is a must read for leaders and employees in all organisations.”

Suzanne Schell , CEO, ROI Institute Canada

“It’s been said many times by HR professionals that folks in Finance and Accounting don’t understand people. It’s also been said by those in Finance and Accounting that the folds in HR don’t understand the numbers. Steve … make[s] the case that people really are a company’s most valuable asset.”

Dave Bookbinder , Author, The New ROI – Return on Individuals

“The Employee Value Curve is an illuminating framework for Human Resource Management that may turn out to be as important as double-entry bookkeeping in Accounting.”

Michael Zhuang , Author & Founder, MZ Capital Management