University of Oxford

Career Advancement Research Study

What is the Career Advancement Research Study?

Established by CareerPoint in partnership with Oxford University, this nine month study will explore how cost-effective coaching interventions can enhance young professionals’ career advancement and lifetime value to their organizations.

The primary objectives of the research study are:

To gain insights into current career advancement challenges faced by young professionals working in corporations around the world.

To study young professionals’ perceptions and attitudes towards career advancement.

To understand to what extent early-stage career coaching can enhance the career prospects of young professionals and their value to their organisations.

To provide valuable insights to corporate partners that can be used to support existing interventions to develop and retain young professionals.

How many employees are included?

To participate, each company must nominate between 10 to 50 employees.

Why is this research important and why now?

The Future of Work is here:

  • The world of work is getting ever more complicated and fragmented. As people take more control over their own career advancement, it is critical that organizations provide the tools and support to allow their people to autonomously develop, grow and maximize their value.
  • Employees are changing job and roles at a much higher level of frequency than in generations past.

Recognizing the importance of Diversity & Inclusion:

  • The research study methodology is purposefully designed with inclusivity in mind.
  • The outputs of the research study support a corporation’s D&I strategy by identifying critical themes and focus areas.

What are the benefits of this study?

  • An increase in employee engagement and performance among the coaching intervention groups
  • Enhanced social impact from support for and participation in a ground-breaking and important study with far-reaching impact for economic equality and diversity
  • Enhanced employer branding. Your participation sends a strong signal that the company is serious about supporting young employees to advance in their careers
  • Data with hard insights that can be used to create or enhance initiatives supporting the development and performance of young professionals
  • Participating employees will receive coaching through the CareerPoint coaching platform, (either app-based, live coaching or a combination of the two formats)
  • Our coaching aims to enable and empower employees to create shared value for themselves and their employer throughout their career and even to coach others as future leaders
  • Employees will receive a unique opportunity to contribute to and shape the company’s internal developmental initiatives aimed at career advancement

What will be included in the report partners receive?

  • Career advancement insights

    Insights into young professionals attitudes and perceptions towards career advancement

  • Exclusive study report

    A final report providing recommendations to support talent acquisition, talent development and career growth

What is the CareerPoint coaching platform?

CareerPoint is the world’s first online career advancement coaching platform that aims to help young professionals advance in their careers through a combination of app-based and live, one-on-one coaching.

Our mission is to help a million young people advance in their careers by giving them the skills, support, and encouragement they need to thrive.

Why is CareerPoint Coaching Unique?

Our coaching is based on a proven and proprietary methodology:
the Employee Value Curve.

CareerPoint is the only platform focused solely on helping young professionals advance through their careers through a combination of app-based coaching and live coaching.

How optimistic are employees about their advancement prospects?
How well do employees understand the drivers of career advancement in your company?
How well is the company currently supporting employees’ career advancement?
To what extent does coaching enhance career advancement, performance and engagement?

Study Team

Founder and CEO

Steve McIntosh


Steve is a chartered accountant, HR expert, and author of “The Employee Value Curve: The unifying theory of HR and career advancement helping companies and their people succeed together.”

Co-Founder & Head of Corporate Research

Sipha Ndawonde


Sipha is an Oxford MBA graduate, management consultant, an adviser to tech startups and a corporate business development expert.


William Scott-Jackon


Prof. Scott-Jackson is Associate Fellow at Oxford University, a member of the Vice Chancellor’s Circle and of Pembroke, St Cross and Kellogg Colleges, and an external Ph.D. supervisor for several universities. He was named by CIPD as one of the top five HR thinkers.


Jonathan Michie


Prof. Michie is a British economist and holds the joint post of Director of the Department for Continuing Education, and President of Kellogg College, University of Oxford, where he serves as Professor of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange.

Signing up to the research study

How do you sign up to participate in the study?

To register your company’s interest in participating, simply sign and return the expression of interest letter we will provide.

We will endeavor to minimize the time investment required of management and support staff wherever possible.

What time commitment will be required?

Survey participants may need between 5 and 30 minutes per survey (most participating employees will receive up to four surveys during the year).

Employees receiving live coaching will need to be available for 1 hour per week for a period of four weeks.

Step 1

Expression of Interest

Step 2

Research Plan and Agreement

Step 3

Program Onboarding

The study can be customized to also include

A CareerPoint executive team workshop

An executive team survey and results

A customized company wide survey

How much time does participation require?

Leaders will participate in two onboarding calls before the study and an optional offboarding call after the study. Employees will complete four one-hour coaching sessions, and take two short surveys throughout the study.


The second participation window is now open and closes on October 30


Research Study - Kickoff

Month 1

  • Executive and senior manager survey (OPTIONAL)
  • Executive and senior manager workshop (OPTIONAL)

Pre-intervention Survey

Month 2

  • Nomination if study participants
  • Survey of study participants (pre-coaching interventions)

Coaching Interventions

Month 3 and 4

  • Live (one-on-one) coaching

Post-Intervention Survey

Month 5

  • Survey of study participants
    (post-coaching interventions)

Data Analysis

Month 6 and 7

  • Analysis of results and reporting


Month 8

  • Presentation of final report