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Our CareerPoint coaches help your people identify coachees key learning and development needs in as little as four weeks.

What our coaches have to say

“I have just completed my four sessions with my first CareerPoint coachee. In closing, he said that CareerPoint has added significant value to his life. He also said that he now feels empowered and better equipped.”

Justin Hall CareerPoint Coach

Justin Hall
CareerPoint Coach

“As a coach, I have been inspired by the coachees who switch from thinking about leaving their jobs and realize how much they can offer their current company. They finish with a renewed energy and interest in showing their strengths to their colleagues and managers.”

Rachel Levy CareerPoint Coach

Rachel Levy
CareerPoint Coach

“CareerPoint has provided me with the privilege to be a catalyst for change and growth for my coachees. But also, being involved with CareerPoint has encouraged my own personal growth and challenged me within a supportive coaching community.”

Brenden Damatos CareerPoint Coach

Brenden Damatos
CareerPoint Coach

“The coaching methodology is something I wish I’d understood when I was in management because I could’ve used it to coach my past employees around advancing in their own careers.”

Christy Taylor CareerPoint Coach

Christy Taylor
CareerPoint Coach

I used to say that my dream job was to serve as a guidance counselor for early professionals and thanks to my private coaching and consulting work combined with my CareerPoint coaching, my dream is becoming my reality.

Elana Paru CareerPoint Coach

Elana Paru
CareerPoint Coach

When you sign up for CareerPoint Certification Training you will receive:

  • All the training you need to become a CareerPoint Certified Coach
  • CareerPoint Coaching Reference Manual
  • ICF Certification (35 hours of CCE’s)
  • CPD Certification (24 Hours)
  • The technology you need to coach on our platform
  • Professional headshot for use on the website
  • CareerPoint will strive to provide 3 hours of coaching for you each week ($240)
  • International Coaching Community

BONUS: Your coachees want growth, development, fulfillment, and they want to move the dial. Experience the satisfaction of helping them achieve their goals.

Benefits of Coaching with CareerPoint:

  • Location-independent
  • Diverse & interesting clients
  • Continuing education – build your coaching skills and stay up to date on applying coaching to workplace trends
  • Use proprietary methodology supported by a state-of-the-art digital platform to transform the growth and development of your clients
  • Join a global community of like-minded coaches, provide feedback to CareerPoint, share your coaching tips and experiences
  • Flexibility – coach in spare time when convenient for you
  • An opportunity to create meaningful impact
  • Client feedback
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What you need to become a coach:

  • A passion for helping your employees “move the dial”
  • At least 10 years of professional experience and have held leadership position in a variety of industries
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and active listening skills
  • Professional qualifications, post-graduate degrees and/or coaching certifications
  • Are committed to maintaining the strictest levels of confidentiality, data security and stick to ethical codes regarding client confidentiality

CareerPoint is commited to YOU!

In addition to the supportive coach community, you also have access to:

Success Coach

You will be guided through the coaching process and have regular check-ins with your CareerPoint Success Coach who will help take the stress out of certification. Program coordinators match you with practice clients, ensure you understand the digital platform, and provide tools and resources to help you feel confident in the CareerPoint Employee Value Curve and Value Driver System.

Coach Community & Professional Development

Imagine being a part of a global community of thought leaders, professionals, and coaches who support each other and engage in meaningful connections. With CareerPoint you will network with industry professionals, share coaching experiences, get continuous feedback, and be part of a global movement to democratize coaching. Optional professional development resources and training will keep you feeling confident and up to date.

Curated Content & Learning Resources

Having the right piece of content to support your coachees makes coaching easier and more powerful. CareerPoint’s content creation team curates best in class content to match the needs of your coachees. If there isn’t a resource you want or need all you have to do is ask.


Fill out the application, watch our welcome webinar, and schedule a call with our Head of Coaching


Begin training and in as little as six weeks you can be fully certified and ready to coach.


Transform young professionals into confident, engaged and fulfilled employees.

CareerPoint coaches are chosen from hundreds of applicants, receive 24 hours of in-classroom training, ongoing education, support and feedback to ensure consistent high quality coaching is delivered every time.

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