About CareerPoint

Our mission: to help a million young people advance in their careers and level the playing field for historically disadvantaged groups.

Leadership Team

Steve McIntosh

Founder & CEO

Sipha Ndawonde


Shawn McQueen-Ruggeiro


Caine Smith

Head of Marketing

Advisory Board

Kathy Harvey

Associate Dean, Said Business School, Oxford

William Scott-Jackson

Consultant & Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies

Simeon Stoychev

Vice President of Information Technology, Progress Software

Zena Tuitt

Strategic Consultant & Executive Producer

Nancy Garrison Jenn

Expert advisor in Executive Search and Leadership Coach

Ronan Guilfoyle

Independent Fund Director, Calderwood

Our team is dedicated to showing you how career advancement really works. So you can reach your full potential faster.

Research Program

Our corporate research program brings academic and corporate partners together to investigate the attitudes and mechanisms shaping career advancement paths in the modern workplace.

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