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Benefits of Career Advancement Coaching

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Learn to harness the 8 value drivers
  • Earn your next promotion faster
  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Make every relationship a win-win
  • Remove obstacles in the way of your success

Our community of experienced coaches and leaders have been in your shoes and know how you feel. We’ll transform your thinking on advancement from unobtainable to inevitable.

Don’t go it alone. Unlock your potential with expert advisors.

Tap into our community of experienced coaches and leaders. They’ve been in your shoes and will transform your thinking on advancement – from unobtainable to inevitable.

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“My ah ha moment was being able to identify my value and how I can apply this to my firm and be my best. I’m now able to apply confidence in every opportunity that I have in my role.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Career Advancement Coaching”?

Whether you opt for coaching via the CareerPoint app (coming soon!) or with a real live CareerPoint Coach, our goal is the same: to help you advance in your career. We do that by helping you understand how career advancement works, how your work drives value for your employer, how and why to optimize your value, and how to overcome the most common obstacles to advancement. Career advancement isn’t rocket science, but, like anything else, it’s much easier when you know how!

Which industry sectors do you cover?

Our coaches and coaching methodology are “industry agnostic”, meaning that our coaches work with ambitious employees in virtually any sector.  However, during our “soft launch” phase we are being somewhat selective.  To find out if we’re offering coaching for your industry sector, or sign up to be one of the first to receive it when we are, please click here!

“This is the first time someone connected all the pieces together for me and really insightful to know there is theory behind what we face every day”

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